[clug] St George Online Banking in linux (sec: unclas)

Ranner, Frank MR Frank.Ranner at defence.gov.au
Mon Jun 28 00:29:15 GMT 2004

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Hi all,
I've been trawling around trying to find anyone who has had success with
stgeorge online banking under linux, and most of the stuff google found
for me was in the CLUG archives :)

However, there did not seem to be any resolution. Does anyone have this
working nowdays??? It works with windows + firefox + java-1.4.2, but not
with linux + firefox + java-1.4.2. For the moment I'm using vmware, but
I'd rather not have to.

I got it working recently by changing the browser id string to claim to be
a macintosh. It consented eventually to letting me in after a warning

I was using galeon with java-1.4.2 but any mozilla derivative should work
once you set up the browser string.

Frank Ranner

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