[clug] St.George Browser Based Banking Feedback

Peter Barker pbarker at barker.dropbear.id.au
Mon Jun 28 00:32:50 GMT 2004

On Sun, 27 Jun 2004, Chris Henman wrote:

> Thank you for your email.
> Unfortunately, we do not support Linux/ Unix.
> The incompatibility of Linux/ Unix is an issue, which has been made
> highest priority. We are currently working on a fix, so that we can


This is the same canned-response which I got back last time this came up
on the list. I'm not even sure a human saw my message; they may just match
"linux" and send the canned response :)

One thing which worries me here. Here St George are claiming that this is
their "highest priority". This either means that St George are absolutely
bloody lying about their priorities, or that they are completely
incompetent (6+ months to get something working where it was before?).
Either way, if I were an investor in St George, I'd be worrying about
their management for making false claims or not fulfilling customer

I had a play with getting this working a while back. It isn't terribly
difficult to get ahold of bbbSmall.jar. I tried playing with classpaths
etc to get the applet running - and I did that, played around with the
security model a bit etc etc... but then got tripped up with a meaningless

What I might try to do next is MitM attack against myself. That is, use an
SSL proxy which substitutes JUST for the bbbSmall.jar URL. Does anybody
here know if I can use squid to do just that - or should I play around
with my own proxy to do this?

>      Chris Henman

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