[clug] Recommendations for store and forward mail servers?

Richard Reynolds Richard.Reynolds at usa.net
Wed Jun 23 05:41:34 GMT 2004

> Does anyone have a recommendation for a mail package to do this? I'm
> aware that most mail packages will put undeliverable mail into a
> deferred queue if it can't deliver it, but I really want to be able to
> store mail for more than that four day undeliverable period before
> giving up (if I'm away from mail for a week, that shouldn't kill the
> stored outgoing mail).

though I agree you probibly want a MUA that does the work  for you.

if you really want an MTA, exim will do exactly what you are after, basically
you tell exim not to automatically send non local mail, then in your connection
code you tell exim to process the queue while your connected, once your not
connected anything not sent gets left for the next time you connect, the stuff
to make this work is documented in the docs, and there are scripts i think on
exim.org (or in the package??)

richard reynolds
richard.reynolds at usa.net

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