[clug] Re: OT: Gmail accounts

Reinaldo Santos rsantos at rootshell.be
Mon Jun 21 20:55:21 GMT 2004

I would like an address of gmail but don't know who can send an invite to me
Somebody can help me?!
Thanks a lot.

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> Nemo said:
> > I've just got my first batch of gmail invites, and have 3 to go out to
> > the first emailers to earthnative at gmail.com  :)
> Yeah? Well, I just checked mine, and found I've got *6*. Nya nya nya.
> Perhaps we could cross-invite each other, and see how quickly we can
> ratchet up the number of invites?
> What do people think of gmail, aside from being the new orkut in terms of
> supposed coolness? I sort of like the keyboard shortcuts, but I don't use
> it enough, or with a sufficient volume of email, to really pass any
> judgement.
> (edlang@, if anyone is interested.)
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