[clug] Re: OT: Gmail accounts

Edward C. Lang edlang at tsumakin.net
Mon Jun 21 20:07:59 GMT 2004

Nemo said:
> I've just got my first batch of gmail invites, and have 3 to go out to
> the first emailers to earthnative at gmail.com  :)

Yeah? Well, I just checked mine, and found I've got *6*. Nya nya nya.

Perhaps we could cross-invite each other, and see how quickly we can
ratchet up the number of invites?

What do people think of gmail, aside from being the new orkut in terms of
supposed coolness? I sort of like the keyboard shortcuts, but I don't use
it enough, or with a sufficient volume of email, to really pass any

(edlang@, if anyone is interested.)



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