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Edward C. Lang edlang at tsumakin.net
Sun Jun 13 09:49:00 GMT 2004


Alex Satrapa said:
> On 11 Jun 2004, at 10:39, Pietro Abate wrote:
>> I want to buy a DC and after browsing the web and reading review I
>> decided to get a panasonic dmc FZ-10 (it's a 4MP with a 12x optical).
> I have to wonder about the utility of anything higher than 6x optical
> zoom. At 4x optical zoom, the shaking of your hands makes impossible to
> take a sharp, focussed photo without the assistance of a tripod.

Firstly, it's not really the level of zoom - it's the focal length. One
commonly accepted rule of thumb is that the shutter speed should be
1/focal length, which in this case would be 1/420 for at the telephoto
end. Apparently the FZ-10's IS wins you several stops - a number of
reviews say 1/40, f/2.8 at 420mm is possible...

Secondly, I'd be more worried about the chromatic abberation / purple
fringing, vingetting (light falloff in the corners), and sharpness in the
corners. It seems the Leica lens on the FZ-10 doesn't suffer much
vingetting, but the CA and slight lack of sharpness are a bit more
obvious, because it's such a large zoom lens. (Panasonic are definitely
doing some cool stuff with Leica right now.)

Thirdly, the included lens hood has a 72mm thread, and filters for that
aren't exactly cheap. (I paid $50 for a 77mm UV filter a few weeks ago.)
Some of the other cameras have 58/52mm threads on their lenshoods.

Pietro, have you firmly decided that you want the larger zoom range over
higher image resolution? I mean, I don't want to put doubt into your mind
at this late stage, I'm just curious.

> Don't forget a tripod! You want to get yourself into group photos too!
> I have two tripods - one mini tripod (bendy-legged thing) which is
> great for taking landscape shots while out walking. The other is a
> full-size foldup with collapsible legs. It's useless now, because the
> little locking plate that holds the camera has gone missing. My next
> tripod will not have removable vital parts (ie: camera-holding screw
> built in) :)

I've also lost the quick release plate for a cheapie tripod I bought a
year or so ago, but it doesn't mean I won't be buying a tripod / head
without a QR plate ever again. I'll just be more careful.

>                                               I have three CF cards for
> my Nikon - One is SANDisk (16MB), one is PQI (128MB), one is Apacer
> (64MB). The Apacer is brilliant - I can fill the card with photos twice
> as fast as the other two CF cards. The PQI is terrible - not only is it
> slow, but after a few quick (subjective term) photos, it starts either
> corrupting my pictures (random pixel changes) or locking up, meaning I
> have to power-cycle the camera to get back into action. The SANDisk CF
> is the 16MB one that came with the camera, so not even worth talking
> about (10-15 frames at full resolution, minimum compression), I use it
> for storing SSH keys and the like. Based on my experience, go for
> SANDisk or Apacer. Based on reports I've heard, Transcend make decent
> quality flash products too.

I've also got a Pretec (?) 512MB CF card that I'll fill several times a
night, and I've never suffered any corruption. It's not as fast as the
Sandisk CF cards I've got, but then again, it's not always wise to be
entirely too trigger happy.





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