[clug] IBM 8361-110 thin clients

Mick Howe mickhowe at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jun 12 11:45:20 GMT 2004

I have just scored 2 x IBM 8361-110 PPC 403 thin clients (ex sydney olympics) 
that I thought might be interesting to play with.

I need to configure them to fit into my network, but, the problems are:
1: they have an unknown administrator password set
	the instructions on resetting the password on the on the linux netstation
	how-to don't work with this model.
2: I need some software to start from
	the downloads from IBM site seem to only apply to later, x86 models.

Can anyonepoint me towards anything that could help me make some progress with 
these toys.

I was contemplating maybe getting a pcmcia wireless card and using one as a 
gateway if I can get them working.


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