[clug] Internet Explorer act-alike on Linux

Ambrose Andrews ambrosea at neurofractal.org
Fri Jun 11 02:30:53 GMT 2004

Might be legally difficult to implement under a software patent 
regime....  :-)


>It would be nice to be able to do this without having to switch
>computers all the time. Does anybody know of a IE act-alike that
>reproduces IE's ability to turn standards-compliant pages into a
>festering pile of reeking garbage?
>[*] Including: the PNG disaster, ignoring CSS height commands, ignoring
>CSS display commands, problems with borders, dodgy implementation of the
>DOM and a pile of stuff that I've already forgotten. All stuff that
>works fine in Mozilla/Netscape, Opera and Konquerer, just like wot the
>standards lay down.

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