[clug] OT: digital cameras

Pietro Abate Pietro.Abate at anu.edu.au
Fri Jun 11 00:39:23 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I'm sure to find some digital cameras enthusiast among cluggers...

I want to buy a DC and after browsing the web and reading review I 
decided to get a panasonic dmc FZ-10 (it's a 4MP with a 12x optical).
I'm still open to change my mind, but this seems the best camera out there
looking at price/features.

Now I want to buy it, but it seems that the DC shops in civic decided to
have exactly the same deal ( -/+ 50 cents). This doesn't help the
consumer and it's not really fare in terms of free market.

My question is: where can I get a good deal in Canberra or Sydney or
with an online shop to buy this camera ?


ps: this camera works with Linux as usbstorage device :)

camera : 999$
512Mb sd card: 249$ (256Mb -> 129$)
spare battery: 89$

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