[clug] Seeking expressions of interest in a system programmer position

David Singleton David.Singleton at anu.edu.au
Thu Jun 10 22:19:59 GMT 2004

Some of you will have read the recent Canberra Times article about the
upcoming procurement of a very large scale compute system by the
Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing (APAC).  The APAC
National Facility which houses and manages this compute resource is
actually at ANU and run by the ANU Supercomputer Facility.  Prior to
advertising, we (ANUSF) are seeking expressions of interest in the
position of system programmer to support current and future APAC
National Facility systems.

The position is heavily focussed on modifying and developing system
management software to achieve the best possible utilization of the
APAC compute systems.  Central to this is job and resource management
and batch queuing systems - if you have an aversion to the concept of
batch queuing systems and tightly managed computing, this position may
not be for you :-).  On the other hand, the idea of working on
virtually all aspects software that provides detailed robust management
of jobs running across up to 500 compute nodes may appeal.  Obviously,
extensive experience in C and Unix/Linux system programming are

The position is likely to be advertised in the next few weeks.  If you
feel you may be interested in such a position, please contact me for
further details.  You can read more about APAC at www.apac.edu.au and
the National Facility at nf.apac.edu.au.

Feel free to pass this notice along to anyone you think may be


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