[clug] Video editing under linux and financial incentives.

Telek, John John_Telek at tesg5.com.au
Tue Jun 8 06:54:37 GMT 2004

Hi all,

   I have a rather strong interest in editing DV format video under
linux. My preference is Windows XP pro and Adobe premier.

At the moment, I see myself having to do the following in order to "sort
of make it work".

1) hack around for a couple of day's recompiling the kernel to get one
that's ok'ish to import video without too many
2) hack around for a couple of day's recompiling the various 1394 libs
and tools until they also "sort of work".

3) hack around for a couple of day's recompiling the various
applications related to editing the video footage to also
   "sort of make it work".

Just the other day I downloaded and compiled xine on my laptop wich runs
mandrake 10.0. I compiled everything from source.
I play one video and the display memory get corrupted if I try and play
another video without rebooting first. Also that laptop cannot cope with
the high IO bandwith requirements and eventually (within seconds) dies.
Lasts longer if I disable audio. Work fine if I use windows. I'ts almost
like I have to derive my own linux distro.

Maybe we should stop pushing linux into the desktop arena. It cannot
compete full stop.

I see the linux kernel evolving soooo rapidly with the result being NO
performance stability or decent IO management or throughput. Very few
manufacturers of hardware support linux with drivers for starters, and
secondly, too many open source developers loose interest at 60-70% of
completion of any project.

Windows shits all over Linux hands down at this point in time.

And before you propeller heads even start, get it through your lopsided
scone's that the majority of people just want their computers to just
work. You cannot and should not expect everyone on this planet to be in
your league.

YES! I want choice. YES! I see the power of giving people the ability to
express their creativity. NO! You can't expect everyone to be the same.
We don't live in the Star Trek universe. ( Yet! Heres hoping.  :)  )

This right/left wing religeous take that some people have on their
"Favorite OS/Platform" is really not on and poor form.

As much as I see Linux and it's importance with respect to it's role in
the IT game, I've come to the conclusion that it will never get anywhere
as a desktop product until someone takes it, exerts entire control over
it and inject's a shitload of money into it. In the meantime, all Linux
will ever be is a means for poor people/students to express their
creative juices in the hope that someone recognises their abilities and
starts paying the individual appropriately for their intelectual

I've also realised that this, "It's free" business doesn't actually
work. You university types should know first hand that here in australia
(for starters), education is becoming more eexpensive. Slowly, little by
little our "educated" population are turning around and going "fuck it",
who's the highest bidder. Why ?. Because the landlord want's more money.
Petrol is over a dollar. Life is EXPENSIVE.

So now that we've brought it down to what it's really about, I'll give
$500.00 (Cash in hand) to whoever can make my Linux based video editing
system work AND work reliably to the same level of performance and
reliability that I get from Microsoft Windows.

And before I get told, I have dropped linux as a destop solution. I am
still happy to push it as an alternative backend solution though where I
honestly believe it works very well.

I want to be able to watch a full screen divx movie (high quality) while
importing/exporting video to tape in DV format via the firewire port
from within one of the more decent video editing applications. Video and
audio play lag times need to addressed as well. Ie: file/buffer/hw
interaction and management. There still isn't a decent audio editor for
linux either.

I suppose I want the DIRECTX (TM M$) equivalent for Linux. One standard
not lots of different ones, and yes I'll pay for it.

Time for change through incentive.


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