[clug] SuSE 9.1 ISOs? Or other suggestions?

Collins, Steve Steve.Collins at industry.gov.au
Mon Jun 7 02:31:27 GMT 2004

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I'm in the process of dipping my toes into "try a different distro"-land, as I have some doubts about the finishedness of Fedora Core 2 (having used RH/Fedora distros since 7.2).  Some of the changes to the way Fedora behaves, particularly under Gnome bug me.

Despite its presumably small Australian user base, I'd like to give SuSE a go.  With the release of 9.1 over the weekend, that looks like a good place to begin.  However, the whole FTP install seems kind of painful, even over fast ADSL.  Does anyone have ISOs they could burn a copy of for me?

Equally, I am open to suggestions of distros worth trying (and why).  I'm not doing a huge amount of non-web programming (mostly Coldfusion, some PHP and trying to learn Java).  I'm happy to work with "difficult" distros - the experience can only make me a better user ;)

Happy to swap blanks for burned CDs/DVDs.

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