[clug] Wanted: Transcend Jetflash USB Key

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Fri Jun 4 01:19:43 GMT 2004


I'm looking around for the "Holy Grail" of USB flash keys (or USB Pens  
they're sometimes called).  This one was reviewed on Ars Technica, and  
had the following features that I'm looking for:
  - Fast read
  - Low power USB (can run from a USB keyboard or unpowered hub)
  - Write protect switch
  - Can be used to boot from

If anyone knows where I can find the Transcend range in Australia, or  
something that satisfies my requirements, I'd love to know.

At work we have Apacer "Easy Steno" USB flash keys, but these are high  
power (500mA!) devices, no write protect switch, and they can't be used  
for booting.

Thanks in advance
Alex Satrapa

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