[clug] Dial-up woes

Ian Matters ian at iristech.com.au
Tue Jun 1 22:12:13 GMT 2004

Hi Dennis.

Have you installed the ADSL filters on the phone line?  If ADSL is
active on the line the missing filters may be the cause of your angst.
On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 07:45, Dennis Gray wrote:
> I've been running a Fedora Core Release 1 box for several months now
> with dial-up connection to Pacific Internet (static IP). I finally got
> ADSL provisioned in my suburb, Florey. I think this happened yesterday.
> I haven't put the ADSL modem on yet because it's in Sydney and I won't
> get it until this weekend.
> The dial-up had been running flawlessly since September 2003. Now with
> ADSL on the line, I get constant drop-outs, staying connected for no
> more than 6 to 25 minutes. I do have a filter on the line but that
> hasn't helped.
> Any idea how to troubleshoot?
> Regards,
> Dennis
Regards, Ian Matters
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