[clug] Linux+Bigpond Satellite

Basil Chupin blchupin at tpg.com.au
Tue Jun 1 11:55:44 GMT 2004

Nikolaj Komnacki wrote:
> I realy need help on this one.
> Can anyone tell me if this combination is possible?
> Or did I shoot myself in the foot by going with Bigpond, on the other hand
> at the time I did not have any other alternative.
> The problem is that I am now commited for another 12 months, and I am dying
> to get rid of you know what. With this nonsense I am still stuck with that
> dirty pane.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> 		Nikolaj

I suggest that you post the above request for help in one of the general 
Usenet newsgroups, like alt.* or rec.*, as it appears that nobody here 
has the specialised Linux expertise or knowledge about what you are 
asking help on.


I am not young enough to know everything.

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