[clug] softdrinks and plastic cups

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Thu Jul 22 01:33:08 GMT 2004


Anyone wish to volunteer to bring some chilled softdrink bought from
$LARGESUPERMARKET [0] or similar and plastic cups (3 packs of 20, about 89c
each) to CLUG tonight?

I suggest 2 2L coke, 2 2L sprite, 1 2L diet coke.

The money will be refunded once pizza money is collected.

email me if you can do this and I will ack.


	See You

[0] ie buy the soft drink at cheap price in 2L bottles, chill it somewhere,
bring it to clug and we put it in the fridge for the food component of the

sjh at wibble.net http://svana.org/sjh
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