[clug] [Geeky] Shrinking Australia

Francis James Whittle fudje at phreaker.net
Wed Jul 21 17:30:38 GMT 2004

There's an SVG version @ http://www.sodipodi.com/index.php3?

Also has The BSD daemon and a few others (including an evil one or two).

I'm not really in with the whole micron-cpu-signing crowd....


On Wed, 2004-07-21 at 17:53 +1000, Darren Freeman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just thought you might like some shameless self-endorsement.
> For those who don't click links without a hefty prod, I made a map of Australia about 5 microns across.
> If it helps make this non-spam, I used Mandrake 10.0 to do it =)
> One of these days I'll offer up a talk at CLUG about how it's done. But not this month!
> Anyone like to supply me with a vector graphic of Tux? I can sign your CPU =)
> http://wwwrsphysse.anu.edu.au/~cxd109/SW_July04.pdf
> (ScienceWise is a publication of the National Institute of Physical
> Sciences)
> Have fun,
> Darren

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