[clug] Contract Position with Defence Available!!!

Grahame Jordan gbj at theforce.com.au
Tue Jul 13 23:50:40 GMT 2004

I agree with this.

I see more traffic on this list crapping over points of law than usefull
Give someone a break will you all.  This is crap!

I didn't really see clear instructions on the list page that defines how
to post [FOR SALE] etc.
I would suggest that it is made clear.

However if/when in future anyone slips up a 'gentle' nudge is sufficient.

Please do not think that the 'few' who jump up and down about these things
are reflective of the Linux users on the whole.  I certainly am tollerant
of mistakes and ommissions and I am sure many others on the list are as
well.  I am even tollerant of those who jump up and down :)

Cluggers loosen up

Grahame Jordan

> I can now say I'm embarrassed to say I subscribe to this list in case
> someone should think I was either involved in or condoned this ridiculous
> tirade. ONE email! One email which I thought was actually quite well
> targetted ( a linux job for a linux list - hmmm, yes still seems
> reasonable
> ) . I know that if I was looking for work right now I would be hunting
> some
> of you down right now and asking why you felt it necessary to respond on
> my
> behalf in such a childish and rude fashion. And what about the image of
> linux? We now have one more person who thinks linux users are rude and
> insular with massive superiority complexes! ONE email people! You could
> have ignored it but instead turned one email into fifty! The title was
> clear, the tone was pleasant, the subject matter was relevant. If you
> found
> the email so offensive that you felt the need to abuse the author then get
> off your throne, think about the real person on the other end of your
> witless email and take up meditation.
> And try to keep things in perspective.
> Ben
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