[clug] Contract Position with Defence Available!!!

ben.westgarth at facs.gov.au ben.westgarth at facs.gov.au
Tue Jul 13 23:04:00 GMT 2004

I can now say I'm embarrassed to say I subscribe to this list in case
someone should think I was either involved in or condoned this ridiculous
tirade. ONE email! One email which I thought was actually quite well
targetted ( a linux job for a linux list - hmmm, yes still seems reasonable
) . I know that if I was looking for work right now I would be hunting some
of you down right now and asking why you felt it necessary to respond on my
behalf in such a childish and rude fashion. And what about the image of
linux? We now have one more person who thinks linux users are rude and
insular with massive superiority complexes! ONE email people! You could
have ignored it but instead turned one email into fifty! The title was
clear, the tone was pleasant, the subject matter was relevant. If you found
the email so offensive that you felt the need to abuse the author then get
off your throne, think about the real person on the other end of your
witless email and take up meditation.

And try to keep things in perspective.

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