[clug] Contract Position with Defence Available!!!

Peter Barker pbarker at barker.dropbear.id.au
Tue Jul 13 22:59:22 GMT 2004

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004, Martin Pool wrote:

> > >From the previous few months I believe the vast majority of the list don't
> > mind RELEVANT and TARGETTED commercial postings to the list so long as
> > they are clearly marked as such. I may be wrong in that assumption.
> When I see a message titled "[clug] Contract Position with Defence
> Available!!!" I have a pretty good idea of what it contains, and
> whether I want to read it or not.  If it was not Linux-related, or not
> in Canberra, or titled just "please help" then I might be more likely
> to think it was spam.

Hmmmm. I believe this does fall into what I would categorise as
"unsolicited commerical email", also known as spam. It was certainly
commercial in nature. So I guess it comes down to, "was it solicited"?
While in this case it seems nobody asked for the post, I guess it might be
that the list implicitly invites postings which are on-topic. So what's
"on-topic"? Anything which says, "linux" anywhere in it? ("he4ba1 11nux
v1ag4a" posts are going to arrive real soon now in that case...). Any job
which mentions linux in the job description?

IIRC, it was determined that the list would allow UCE so long as it was
vaguely relevant and was marked as [FOR SALE].

Reading back through my original contribution, I realise my language was a
tad harsh :)

Lastly, I still my response was warranted. This was a commercial
recruiting company looking for somebody with linux experience. There must
be dozens of these companies in Canberra. They must get hundreds of
similar job postings a year to fill - and this number is only going to
increase. I'd suggest that the maths says it would be a good idea to
encourage the posters of these messages to mark their messages in the
appropriate /filterable/ way so that the perceived signal/noise ration on
the list is maintained.

Oops. Seem to have had a stream of conciousness event.

> Martin

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