[clug] Xinerama with a Radeon mobile chipset

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Jul 1 23:11:23 GMT 2004

Michael Still wrote:

> What I want is to be able to use the latop dual head with an external 
> monitor, but also quickly and easily swap back to having the external 
> monitor display the same thing as the internal monitor for presentations 
> (at 1024x768). All the xinerama stuff I find on the web seems to be 
> aimed at people with two video cards.

You guys rock. Anyways, I now have xinerama working on the machine, 
which is very nice. My only final stupid question is "why can't I drag 
windows between the two monitors?" followed on by "can I treat them as 
one big workspace and have a window which goes over both monitors?" (I'm 
thinking huge remote desktop session here.

It is matters, I'm using something along the lines of

ScreenLayout "Screen1" LeftOf "Screen2"

and the mouse moves between the two screens just fine. I'm using Gnome / 

Config file available on application.



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