Linux on Thinkpads, was RE: [clug] Xinerama with a Radeon mobile chipset

Michael Still mikal at
Thu Jul 1 06:36:37 GMT 2004

Andrew Smith wrote:

> As someone who's in the market for another laptop (my Dell P2-366 is a bit tired), could you (and anyone else!) please provide some
> feedback on the Thinkpad?  It's quite a minefield working out what lappies work with linux, especially from companies who loudly
> claim to support it.
> Common issues I've seen are: apm/suspend, cd/dvd burning, external ports (vga etc.), general device support (built in wifi)...;page=toys;newszone=news_toys;newsitemid=000001

If you have questions, let me know... The thinkpads have always just 
worked for me (unlike Dells). Stephen Rothwell's T series looks quite 
nice too.

ACPI I haven't got working yet, but I'm thinking about software suspend 
instead. I don't use the modem, so I simply don't know...



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