[clug] Email problem and cannot cd to home directory

Stephen Hodgman steve at namsys.com.au
Fri Dec 31 13:24:28 GMT 2004

I hope this gets to the list as I am having a slight problem with our 
email server.
I cannot access it remotely at all and when I try to log into the 
console as a normal user I get a message "cannot cd to /home/steve" and 
it logs me out.

Can anyone please tell me what this means and how to fix it please?
We have had a disk failure on the system of some sort.  I have strange 
files in the root directory.  All bar one I moved to lost+found.  
However there is one still there names ??;??; which means very strange 
name.  It will not be deleted or moved.

The partition (disk) storing the email is returning various sectors as 
unreadable.  I have replaced that disk and am restoring the email from 
backup.  However, we are still unable to use the system due to issue 
described above.

All help appreciated.  Yes, I know it has just gone New Year.
(P.S. Please reply to
stephen.hodgman at bigpond.com.au as I cannot read my normal account yet ;-)

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