[clug] Extending wireless range

Steve Collins trib at stephencollins.org
Mon Dec 20 00:02:53 GMT 2004

Some time back, I set aup a basic (as in they have no idea how to manage it, it
just needs to work) wireless network at my parents' place.  They're using
consumer-level equipment from D-Link (a DI-624+ router with a DSL-302G ADSL
modem) which works just fine for them.

The problem they're experiencing is principally with my Mum's notebook, which is
on a wireless connection about 20m from the router.  She's getting, at best,
about 1Mbps on her connection to the router and experiences frequent dropouts. 
My diagnosis is that it's her position in the house that is the problem
(straight line to the router passes through two double-brick walls with a 2-car
garage between), but she's a 60-year-old lady who's happy doing her computing
from the desk she's at, and doesn't want to move.

My guess is that a more powerful antenna attached to the router might improve
the situation, but some advice on what to buy would be helpful.  My guess is
that it's going to need to NOT look like an antenna...


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