[clug] Non Destructive partitioning?

Michael James clug at james.st
Mon Dec 6 23:14:15 GMT 2004

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 09:28 pm, Peter Lavender wrote:

> Just got a new toy and rather than reinstall windows just to 
> re-partition the hdd, does anyone have a recommendation for a non 
> destructive partitioning tool.  All I need to do is resize the current 
> partition so I can still Linux on.

2 years ago Suse8.1 shrank a FAT32 partition for me
 and installed itself alongside as a dual boot seamlessly.
All I had to do was adjust the slider to say how much.

These days it can do it to NTFS as well.

Procedure is to boot windows,
	Burn it to DVD as insurance, nothing is foolproof.
	Turn OFF virtual memory
	  (which frees a swap file in the middle of the partition)
	Run defrag
	  (which should now be able to pack all files
	    right back to the beginning
	    showing you all the free space)
	Turn virtual memory back on and shutdown.
Boot the Suse installer, adjust slider etc.

There is an interesting comparison
 of Fedora Core 3 vs Suse Pro 9.2 at

The point is not so much which is better
  but just how easy and complete they both are.

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