[clug] Linux on Powerbook 15"

Neill Cox neill at ace-hosting.com.au
Fri Aug 13 06:26:43 GMT 2004

I have a new toy, a 15" Powerbook.  It's real purdy, but I won't feel 
like a proper geek until it's running linux.

I've reserved some space and downloaded the first ISO for debian_ppc 
3.0r2 from AARNET, but the machine won't boot from the resulting cd.

I've found a source for weekly builds of debian_ppc testing and have 
started to download the first ISO, but I don't know if this will work 

Does anyone have experience on getting linux working on this hardware?  
Does anyone already have a set of debian_ppc disks that I could get a 
copy of? I would prefer debian, but will consider other distributions.


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