[clug] SCP from Windows to Linux incredibly slow

Peter Lavender plaven at bigpond.net.au
Sun Aug 8 09:21:52 GMT 2004


> Caller number ten on the help line asks:
> I'm trying to copy some files from my Windows 2000 machine (tangram) to 
> my Fedora Core 2 machine (ludos) via SCP.  I'm using both pscp (of the 
> PuTTY family) and WinSCP; both are incredibly slow

I have read the other replies, and most are looking at the network layer 
  as a possible problem, which is a fair thing to do, however I suspect 
that you will find it isn't the problem here.  (Of course I could be wrong).

But my experience with pscp on win32 has shown me it's not the network 
as normal network operations (ftp http copy(to/from shares)) works fine 
and is blistering.

I suspect it might actually be the implementation of putty on win32. 
Again I could simply be plain wrong here, as I have never really had the 
time to persue the issue and usually find it's "OK" to live with.

scp from unix to unix is really quick, yet I have found that pscp (putty 
scp) from a win32 box to linux/unix or to another win32 box is really slow.

I could do some research right now before sending this, but I'm not and 
so with out doing your own, take this with a grain of salt.

It's possible if (and this is a big if) pscp is using something like the 
cygwin libs to link against, then it might just be a  problem with the 
extra layers of abstraction that causes it to be slow.

I do recall when I came across a sshd type service for win32 it made 
mention that the applciation didn't use any of MS's built in libraries 
and would likely suffer.  And it did.. but it did offer something that 
wasn't available otherwise... an SSHD service.. so we lived with it.

Since everyone else who has replied didn't indicate they have seen 
similar slowness in the transfers, it might be my dumb luck that of 
servers/workstations i have used pscp on, large file transfers are slow 
as a result of the underlying network.. but I doubt it... I tend to 
think it's software related.  But it does the job and so I can live with it.


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