[clug] Consume But Don't Try Programming [was viva la DMCA? [was: Against US-AU FTA Intellectual Property Clauses]]

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Wed Apr 14 23:55:32 GMT 2004

On 12 Apr 2004, Jepri <jepri at webone.com.au> wrote:

> Instead of clicking a button to accept the license, modifying or 
> distributing the GPL software is equivalent to signing a contract with 
> the copyright holder.

Completely wrong, yet again.  A licence is not at all the same thing
as a contract, and distributing GPL'd software is not equivalent to
signing a contract.


Why don't you stop knocking until you understand the words you're

> >>Not only that, the petition veers into actual craziness in at least one 
> >>place.  The petition is just plain embaressing.
> >>
> >Which place were you referring to?
> Rather than drop another 1000-word missive on the list, I'll pop it up here:
> http://babylon.alphacomplex.org/~jepri/Ban_the_petition.html

Grammar flames, hey?  What a display of dignity and wisdom.

Personally I try to avoid the temptation of spelling/grammar flames,
because it's so "embarressing" (sic) to misspell a word in the same

If (per that page) you agree the FTA is bad, but you don't like the
petition text, why don't you draft a new petition focussing on the
aspects you do think are bad?


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