[clug] Re: viva la DMCA? [was: Against US-AU FTA Intellectual Property Clauses]

Gavin Jackson gavinj at gavinj.net
Sun Apr 11 00:17:30 GMT 2004

> I'm already mostly RIAA free, without a revolution.  I'm typing this up
> listening to the latest free downloads from a local artist
> (http://underscore.no-ip.info/downloads.html), and there are many more
> out there (http://irate.sourceforge.net/).

Thanks for the links, the electronic stuff wasn't to my taste, but the 
irate songs are great, and the rating system is a great way to find 
alternative bands you like!
It will be interesting to see an underground "free-movie" culture - 
kind of like what we are seeing with Tropfest on a more widespread 

Has anyone else heard of Machinae Supremacy 
(http://www.machinaesupremacy.com/index.php)? It's another band that 
allows it's songs to be downloaded from their website - if these guys 
were pressing albums I'd be buying them for sure!

Lastly a quick plug to a pretty impressive TV program for linux (at any 
rate it beats the pants off xawtv) - tvtime 
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/tvtime/) - note: I had nothing to do 
with the development of this application, I just stumbled across it and 
gave it a go.

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