[clug] viva la DMCA? [was: Against US-AU FTA Intellectual Property Clauses]

Simon Burton simon at arrowtheory.com
Sat Apr 10 15:25:45 GMT 2004

On Sat, 10 Apr 2004 13:58:23 +1000
Jepri <jepri at webone.com.au> wrote:
> I'm already mostly RIAA free, without a revolution.  I'm typing this up 
> listening to the latest free downloads from a local artist 
> (http://underscore.no-ip.info/downloads.html), and there are many more 
> out there (http://irate.sourceforge.net/).

Yeah, this looks cool. One of those things that I would have done myself
but someone else did it and stuck it on the net..

> Ditching the MPAA will be a little harder.  Independent movie studios 
> don't seem to be using of digital technology yet.  But with the price of 
> digital movie cameras dropping, and movie editing software getting 
> better (thanks apple), they'll get there soon.

I recently saw a "behind the scenes" hollywood movie, Full Frontal,
which was edited on final cut pro. I was surprised .... that software could 
actually do these things..


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