[clug] [OT] spam-bot killer

Daniel McNamara daniel at codefish.net.au
Wed Apr 7 04:11:22 GMT 2004

These sort of scripts have been around for years but I'm sorry to say it's
more or less a waste of the the web servers resources. Sure the tie up
some harvesting bots but that really doesn't do a lot. Spammers have
thousands of ways to harvest email addresses and most often simply buy
lists from one another. All spam harvest bots aren't that stupid either.
Some of them are very well written and will simply stop after link loads a
pre-dertmined amount.

It's a nice idea but ultimatley fruitless. Plus how do they stop legit
search engine bots getting stuck in it? (I assume they have appropiate
entries in the robots.txt file). I personally wouldn't recommend it.


> Hello,
> Has anybody seen this before:
> http://www.bfndevelopment.com/cgi-bin/home/Members/fMail/Contacts/1213/List.html
> """Anti-Spam Notice:
> This page was generated to trap SPAM bots in an infinite loop. The BOT
> will enter using the same link you used, and record every email address
> linked on this page. Then it will follow the link at the bottom in
> search of more email addresses. The link at the bottom is a randomly
> generated URL that links back to this script. After logging thousands of
> fake email addresses and filling the hosts computer with GIGS of useless
> information, the BOT will most likely crash. If the owner of the SPAM
> BOT attempts to use their list, they will probably get thousands of
> delivery failure notices, which will ultimately result in the downfall
> of the BOT owners SPAM server."""
> I don't know enough about spam bots. Would this work if I linked to it
> from my home page? I guess I could also cook up a script to do it
> myself.
> Simon.
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> Simon Burton, B.Sc.
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> Australia
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