[clug] Browsers executing commands

matt andrews matt at xomerang.com
Mon Apr 5 05:09:53 GMT 2004

Jepri wrote:

> I've been wanting to put together a couple of HTML pages that embed 
> useful shell commands and other programs for me.  Ideally, I'd like to 
> be able to activate them with a click.  Effectively, I want URIs like 
> '<a href="shell://balsa">Mail client</a>'.
> And before anyone mentions it, I do appreciate the problem with someone 
> tricking me into clicking on '<a href="shell://rm -rf ~/">'.
> Is there a partway solution?  I'm hoping to not have to embed GtkHTML or 
> Konqueror if I can avoid it.
> ATM I'm thinking of starting a mini-webserver and working it that way, 
> but it seems a bit of overkill.
> References to other similar projects would also be appreciated.
> Jepri

you might want to consider running apache and mod_python, then doing a 
simple Python script that takes a URL arg and passes the arg value 
(the shell command) to popen4, for example.

you'd want to be careful about access, i suspect ;)
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