[clug] sec:unclassified Broadband in Gungahlin

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Mon Apr 5 01:21:46 GMT 2004

> I thought a nice solution to the 'Circuit Multiplier' dilema was mentioned
> on the CLUG list.  If you ask for home ISDN, they have to run a pair
> directly to the exchange.  You immediately cancel the ISDN service and ask
> for ADSL instead...

That trick is good, but only for non-RIMed lines (eg: Pair Gain) and/or poorly conditioned lines.  ISDN line cards for RIMs are
readily available.  It does mean that you can then use OnRamp Home Highway's flat local call charge and run Data Over Voice (56k or
64k depending upon ISDN equipment).


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