[clug] advice for first time Apache user

Francis James Whittle fudje at phreaker.net
Fri Apr 2 08:19:04 GMT 2004

It really depends on the level of service you're providing....

If you're only providing the download of files over HTTP, Apache's
base-level security setup should be just fine.  If, however, you're
providing file uploading (either via POST forms or WebDAV), you should
probably investigate TLS and/or SSL for user and system protection -
either using private certificates or just encrypted channel

On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 17:59, Darren Freeman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am setting up an Apache-2 server, having never run an HTTP server
> before. I've run FTP and samba, but not HTTP.
> All I'm doing is serving static content for file sharing of free
> software. I'm using the stock Mandrake9.2 config, but I've gone through
> all the files and tweaked the options I understood. I've been told that
> "Apache is secure out of the box" but I don't yet trust it to that
> extent.
> Are there any tricks I should know about? I'm mainly worried about
> security. I don't mind if there's teething problems in the content so
> long as none of them result in a compromise for any reason. I understand
> the impossibility of this request but any advice would be appreciated!
> Have fun,
> Darren
Francis James Whittle

Bachelor Software Engineering student,
Australian National University.

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