[clug] help with install please

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Mon Sep 29 18:43:07 EST 2003

> Hi
> I need a little help to re-install win98 on a machine that dual boots
> RedHat7.3 using GRUB. I don't want to trash the linux partitions, of
> course.

Be warned.  Some versions of Microsoft Windows thoroughly enjoy trashing
so-called "non-DOS" partitions.  Not that Microsoft would ever stoop to
something as low as preventing competitors products from running [1].  My
favourite way of preventing this from happening is to simply never install
Microsoft Windows.  That also has the amazing side-effect of pre-emptively
preventing a whole ****load of other problems too.
> I recall that the installing windows tramples over the MBR.  Is it
> simply a matter of copying it somewhere else (something like:
>  dd if=/dev/hda0 of=/some/where/mbr.backup bs=1024 count=1
> ) then, after the install, using a boot disk and dd'ing it back?  Is
> there a smarter way to do this? Is there anything else?

Umm.. so you want to copy the MBR, alter it, then blat back the original
Just take your grub floppy (you did make one, right?), install Win98, boot
from the grub floppy and fix whatever Windows broke (unless its hardware,
in which case you're SOL ;)  In laymans terms, you boot the grub floppy
and run "setup" (iirc) and it'll reinstall its bits back in the right
place.  And, as they say, Robert's your father's brother.
[1] *cough* Windows on DR-DOS *cough* (chosen at random from a large pool
of examples)

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