[clug] Speculation about Longhorn

Andrew Roudenko aroudenko at optusnet.com.au
Thu Oct 30 12:35:31 EST 2003

I know speculation is futile, but Id really like to know what others think of this:

Is it possible that the VERY long release cycle for MS Longhorn is due to them 
incorporating a BSD kernel? 

There could be a number of advantages to this.  They finally get the "secure" 
operating system they have been talking about without having to either totally redo 
Win or start from scratch.  
They get to jump on board the *Nix bandwagon.  When someone in IT suggests to 
their manager to go with GNU/Linux due to MS being buggy / unsafe etc the reply 
can be along the lines that Longhorn IS a *Nix AND it will fully support all our 
current applications AND after all it is still MS so we get the support.  
Also, that would answer why they are pushing .Net so heavily, to reduce 
dependency on the current Win kernel.

MS is talking about how huge a step Longhorn will be, could this be the killer 
announcement they will make?

And could a move like this stop GNU/Linux dead in its tracks when it comes to 
commercial takeup?

This is all speculation, but a bit of speculation never hurt :)

Andrew Roudenko

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