[clug] Speculation about Longhorn

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Thu Oct 30 16:45:27 EST 2003

Andrew Roudenko said:
> I know speculation is futile, but Id really like to know what others think
> of this:
> Is it possible that the VERY long release cycle for MS Longhorn is due to
> them
> incorporating a BSD kernel?

And let me guess... Darwin?  After all, they must have wanted all those
G5's for something ;)

(referring to

I for one would actually applaud this move.  Just think... Microsoft
Windows is no longer Microsoft Windows but a strange Unix/NeXTStep hybrid.
I'd even consider buying cruddy PC hardware to run that on.  Just so long
as that DRM crap is disabled.


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