[clug] Fedora and the future of RedHat

Alan Clifford Sanderson u2561633 at anu.edu.au
Wed Oct 22 13:24:48 EST 2003

> On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, Matthew Hawkins wrote:
>> Friends don't let friends use Redhat.
> The problem I'm facing is that we have "standardised" on RedHat for Linux.
> The alternative was to "standardise" on Windows.  Getting RedHat accepted
> was a significant win in what was primarily a Sun shop.
> Having AS 2.1 installed also makes it easier to use a RH desktop without
> being outside the accepted "standard".  The problem is getting money to
> do it.
> My original question was more to do with the RedHat desktop stream rather
> than Fedora specifically.  I think the answer it that RH10 will be payware
> only and what used to be a free download of the current desktop will be
> provided through Fedora.

The way I understand it, there will be no RH10. I could be wrong, but I
was of the understanding that RH will only offer RH AW and RH AS from no

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