[clug] Fedora and the future of RedHat

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Wed Oct 22 09:09:22 EST 2003

Michael Cohen said:
> maybe i have a big misunderstanding on the whole issue. opinions anyone?

Friends don't let friends use Redhat.

Seriously... what you need to do is get away from the "product" mentality
and think more about the business solution.  If your company's priority is
to run Redhat, they need a huge cluebat swung at them before they make a
balls-up of any Linux installation, Redhat included.  The business drive
for an operating system should be something that is reliable, easy to
administrate, has decent support if required and can achieve an expected
level of operation/performance (though this also depends on hardware...). 
You should be able to demonstrate this with *any* Linux distribution
that's worth looking at.  If you prefer Debian to Redhat (and who doesn't?
;) then demonstrate how Debian meets (exceeds?) your companies business
requirements.  Focus on the features unique to Debian that will save your
company money and make you a happier and more productive person to work
with.  The bottom line isn't that you use product X, the bottom line is a)
things work so b) employees and the company are productive.

1) deploy decent system designed to exceed business reqs
2) ???
3) Profit


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