[clug] For sale/swap

Paul Warren u3292467 at student.anu.edu.au
Sat Oct 11 21:07:23 EST 2003

Hi there, 

After a few years of collecting hardware from various sources,
(including people on this list), I've decided I have what I want now,
and have some surplus.

I have two tested (ie, both POST and boot tomsrtbt(with my fdd))

Pentum 133Mhz, 256 Kb cache, 32Mb RAM, No HDD. can add NIC.
486sx 33Mhz, 12Mb RAM, 132Mb HDD, etherlink-III NIC -- Perfect for a
firewall/masq box.

and there are miscellaneouse PCI and ISA NICs, some sound cards, various
sizes of ram boards, mostly 72 pin EDO.

I say 'for sale' as I am a poor student, but it is more of a 'give me an
offer' type of sale :o)

I should be able to bring some stuff to the next CLUG meeting, but I'd
prefer people to come and pick stuff up wherever possible.

email me directly if you are interested. 

Paul Warren
u3292467 at anu dot edu dot au

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