[clug] [OT] Freeware servers for Win32

Donovan J. Edye donovan at edye.wattle.id.au
Sat Oct 11 09:30:40 EST 2003


Oops. Forgot to mention the obvious. The box in question is a Windows XP
Professional box. So unfortunately M$ tools are not available to me.

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For the DNS server, you could just use the DNS server that comes with
Windows (presuming you're on 2000 or 2003 -- NT 4.0's DNS server is
junk). It's not freeware, but theoretically you've already paid for it
(add it via Add/Remove Programs).


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I need to set up a Win32 box with a DNS server and Proxy Server. Has
got any suggestions for:

DNS - Other than bind and Posadis
Proxy - Other than FreeProxy



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