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Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
Sat Oct 4 10:20:25 EST 2003

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On Sat, 04 Oct 2003 09:31 am, Randall Crook wrote:
> Hi Y'all,
> I have been slowly migrating from windows to Linux and am now down to
> the last final MS hang over.
> I have a number of Access database/apps (pretty menuing systems an cool
> reports) am I have been trying to find an easy way of migrating these
> DBs across to Linux. BUT I have no idea as to what application for linux
> can give me the same style of front end development that access has.
I am not aware of anything that is up the access GUI standard.

> The back end is easy enough, I was planning on using MySQL, but I am
> after a simple (ie. don't want to spend 6 weeks learning a new complex
> database language) front end tool that allows me to develope reports and
> a use friendly gui.
I understand that both Gnome and KDE have "work in progress" applications.
KDE (which I'm more familiar with, and a developer on) has Kexi and Kugar.
Kexi is the front end, and Kugar is a report generator.
See  http://www.kexi-project.org/screenshots.html
http://www.koffice.org/kexi/ and http://www.thekompany.com/projects/kugar/

I think there might be other GUI for MySQL as well, but I'm not able to 
recommend any.

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