[clug] Linux network, need a hand...

Ssoukieh adsl2dtt at tpg.com.au
Thu Oct 2 15:32:57 EST 2003


I'm setting up a linux network here and need some help.  I currently have a server running Redhat9 and a client running Suse8.2 and have got a basic LDAP authentication system going.  I am able to get a client to authenticate with users in the LDAP database fine and logins work.  

When I setup the LDAP users, their home directories were set to "homeDirectory: /home/<user>" (where <user> is the username).  This was a variable in an passwd.ldif file I created and then exported with ldapadd (Just so you know, I migrated relevant things seperately instead of running migrate_all_online.sh).  With this setup, the user's home directory is expected to be local (ie. on the machine you're logging on from), which is not what I want...

I want to make it so each user has their home directory on the server instead of on the local client machine.  The only problem is, I have no idea how to do this...I have looked at making a Samba or NFS share or even getting the clients to mount individual directories, but don't know what to do.  All I really want is for users to login and have exclusive rw access to their home directories on the server.

Can anyone out there help??

Anything would be appreciated...even a link to a doco would be great, just need a nudge in the right direction :).


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