FW: [clug] Decent video cards

James Nikolaidis jn at gpm.net.au
Wed Oct 1 00:08:51 EST 2003

This is my first post, so forgive me if it goes wrong.
I have been subscribed to this list for quite some time and read the
post's with great interest.

I work for a company called Compexpress and I run the hardware side of

> I'm going to shell over some hard-earned to Cougar for a new 
> workstation. I'm pretty happy with what I want, except I don't know 
> how to choose a video card.
> Ideally I'd like a dual-head arrangement, DVI into a pair of LCD 
> screens with Xinerama. Last time I used Xinerama, it disabled hardware

> acceleration (on a Matrox G400 analog card). I'd really like hardware 
> acceleration to work across both heads. I'll take analog outputs if 
> that is all that is available.
> I'd also like GPL'd drivers, but I'm willing to compromise for the 
> sake of hardware acceleration.

Compexpress can supply you with all the equipment that you require for
your workstation. Contact me with your workstation specifications if you
want to see how our prices compare to Cougars.

> Well, is anyone else local doing Athlon64 based stuff? I'm not 
> hardover on > it(because if I can just wait, I know its going to get a

> lot cheaper), but > I am fairly keen.

I have recently received pricing on the Athlon64 and compatible
motherboards.  I can give prices on request.

James Nikolaidis
Company Manager
Freecall Sales Line: 1800 111 559
Email: james at compexpress.com.au
Web: www.compexpress.com.au

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