Lubricating Fans (Was Re: [clug] Re: Config & software for BigPong Adsl (Sam Couter))

Jepri jepri at
Tue Nov 25 20:33:12 EST 2003

Nobody seems to have mentioned the other solutions, like put the drive 
in the hall cupboard.  Whack it in a old pentium and network mount the 
drive.  Our put your big machine in the cupboard and do a remote 
x-session, or...

tinkering opportunities aboooooound!

Alex Satrapa wrote:

> On 24 Nov 2003, at 16:23, Rodney Peters wrote:
>> I've seen a case that mounts the HDD via rubber grommets, as 
>> isolating bushes,
>> to slide-in drive trays.  The threaded holes underneath the HDD are 
>> used.
>> Not easy to adapt to other cases unless you already have slide-in trays.
> The HDD noise I'm trying to get rid of is really high-pitched and 
> somewhat modulated.  The kind of noise that - like a mosquito - is 
> annoying regardless of how much you've damped the vibration. I've 
> tried printer housings, pillows, blankets, egg cartons, and all of 
> those in various combinations and all together. I can still hear the 
> buzz of the hard drive.

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