[clug] 14" monitors (free)

James Macnicol jamesm at ee.adfa.edu.au
Tue Nov 25 16:00:05 EST 2003

>that's not such a bad idea - imagine at a LAN party, you have a computer
>with lots of video cards and a decent CPU capable of running multiple
>copies of Q3A or UT2003 and displaying the viewpoint and stats of each
>player in the competition (chase mode). I've seen this with periodic
>switching from player to player just on a single projector, it's lots of
>fun as a spectator with food in hand. Imagine a wall covered with these!
>Or a super hires projector and some software to splice the video
>together from multiple copies of the game. I guess you could just use a
>normal projector and render each player's viewpoint at low res. Then
>just one videocard could do it just fine, although a beefy CPU would
>still be needed. Maybe an optimised version of the code too but with
>closed source there's not too many choices. Perhaps interleave the video
>frames while rendering so it's still fun but not high framerate (which
>you don't need as a spectator). A clever driver could tell each copy of
>the game it's waiting for a refresh when the other copies are rendering.

    There are some seriously cool things you can do with lots of 
monitors.  Check out WidevieW:



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