[clug] Re: Config & software for BigPong Adsl (Sam Couter)

Basil Chupin blchupin at tpg.com.au
Mon Nov 24 20:57:16 EST 2003

Rodney Peters wrote:
>>Alex Satrapa <grail at goldweb.com.au> wrote:
>>>Can anyone advise on using sewing machine oil in DC fans?  I'm sure
>>>I've read enough people saying "don't do it" without any "because"
>>>clauses. Apart from fans, the remainder of my noise issues are the hard
>>>drives, which I've found replacements for.
>>I've never heard anyone say "Don't do it", and I've personally done it.
>>I've repaired many gunked-up fans by dismantling, cleaning and oiling
>>them. So far so good.
>>If you're truly worried, you could maybe get graphite-based RC car
>>gearbox grease from a hobby shop and use that. Use sparingly. Very
>>expensive. I don't know if this really is a good solution though, as I
>>don't know what the problem is supposed to be.
> Mueller in " Upgrading & Repairing PCs" suggests using WD40 or equivalent 
> because it is a non-oily silicone lubricant and does not attract dust.
> I have found that such fluids do noticeably quieten CPU fans as well as case/
> PS fans.  Sewing M/c oil is probably too viscous for such small sleeve 
> bearings (unless they are excessively worn).

<Rest pruned>

Me thinks Mueller (whoever he is) does not know what he is talking about 
  or the WD40 he buys is not the same as the WD40 we have available.

WD40 is mostly kerosene.

A non-sticky lubricant would be something like Selleys EZY GLIDE which 
you buy at a car parts store.

To lubricate fan bearings use 3-in-1 oil, or equivalent. I use it on all 
the fans. If you are looking for it in Big-W at Woden Plaza then you 
will find it in the Gardening section -yes, gardening :-) .

Read all about lubricating your fan bearing in Dan's article on the 
subject on his site www.dansdata.com  (Dan is a local lad; local as in 


Wagner's music is really not as bad as it sounds.

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