[clug] Red Hat Forcing a choice?

Martin Pool mbp at ozlabs.org
Fri Nov 21 16:46:40 EST 2003

On 21 Nov 2003, Matthew Hawkins <matt at mh.dropbear.id.au> wrote:
> Simon Haddon said:
> > I guess the only thing that I don't understand is if the new Redhat
> > Enterprize versions are open source or not.  Can you still download the
> > iso or rpms if you want.
> It's their commercial product, so I think you'll have to pay for it, you
> can't simply download ISO's of it for nothing.  However, as most (if not
> all) of the software on it is covered by the GPL, it is open source and
> should you purchase it you're entitled to receive the source code for any
> & all of the so-licensed software (if it doesn't already come with such).

It comes with source.  You can even download the source from
ftp.redhat.com and build it yourself.

I think this post is spot on:


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