[clug] Noob raises possibility of scrapping Windows Server in favour of Linux!

Michael Smith Michael.Smith at itplanet.net.au
Wed Nov 12 18:11:42 EST 2003

Hi all,

 As per the above, I am a complete Noob to Linux, although I have
"played" with some Red Hat versions over the last couple of years...My
problem is this. Recently, I purchased an old Dell server to build up
for web, mail and file/print. (Server is a quad Pentium Pro box, with
1Gb RAM, and a number of small disks, 3 of them configured in a raid 5

Anyway, being from a DOS/Windows background, (since DOS6/Win 3.1), I
installed Win2k Server/Exchange 2k on the box, which seem to run "fine"
(This email is being sent through the server in question). However, I am
constantly patching different things which seem to go wrong. Then, when
I patch one issue, something else rears it's head...So, I am wondering
whether it's worthwhile me scrapping the current OS and re-building the
box with a Linux distro, given my relative inexperience with the
product? Now, before anyone flames me for asking such a question, bear
in mind that I know that a properly-built Linux box will be more
reliable and less of a head-ache than a similar Windows install. It's
just that I am unsure of whether I could get the Linux box configured
properly for what I need (Web/mail service, and basic Windows file/print
- Samba?), without a fair amount of help... 

 So, what do people think? 

 1) Leave it as is, and keep patchin'?

 2) Install a Linux distro (and pay for assistance in beer etc) and then
forget about it?

 3) Install NT 4.0/Exchange 5.5? (This last one thrown in more for
humour than serious consideration)

 Let the flames begin... :)



(Would-be Linux admin)

PS. Sorry about the lengthy "introduction".

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