[clug] Noob raises possibility of scrapping Windows Server in favour of Linux!

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Wed Nov 12 22:49:20 EST 2003

Michael Smith wrote:

>constantly patching different things which seem to go wrong. Then, when
>I patch one issue, something else rears it's head...So, I am wondering
>whether it's worthwhile me scrapping the current OS and re-building the
>box with a Linux distro, given my relative inexperience with the
Were you seriously expecting a no? :)  Of course you should give Linux a 
go.  But maybe it shouldn't be on your big serious fileserver/mailserver 
to begin with.

> 3) Install NT 4.0/Exchange 5.5? (This last one thrown in more for
>humour than serious consideration)
I know of at least one government dept. that ran tens of thousand of 
users on that exact combination of software until very recently (NT4 
just got end-of-lifed).  But I personally don't know how much effort 
that took.

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